Best Rent a Scooter- Scooter rental in Barcelona.
Best Rent a Scooter- Scooter rental in Barcelona.

BEST RENT A SCOOTER - Questions and answers in motorbike rental in Barcelona

 What do I need to rent a motorbike in BEST RENT A SCOOTER ?

The essential thing is to come accompanied by your ID or passport and your driving license. In Spain you can drive 50cc scooter with the license to drive a tourism (European license class B or AM, A, A1, A2) and 125cc motorbikes (European license Class B 3 years old valid for Spain, A, A1, A2) or International driving license Class A. The driver has the responsibility to know if his license is valid, BEST RENT A SCOOTER can not be held responsible if the driver is sanctioned for this reason.


What is included in the scooter rental price?
When you rent a motorbike in BEST RENT A SCOOTER, you have everything you need to use it. The helmet (mandatory and homologated), a full gas tank, insurance to third parts, roadside assistance and VAT.


Must I pay for full fuel tank?
BEST RENT A SCOOTER give you the fuel tank full to driving without you having to waste time refueling before you set off. When you return the motorbike you have to deliver it with a full tank.

Can two people drive a scooter?
Only the authorized person in the contract can drive, the holder of the contract is responsible if an unforeseen incident happens due to a second person driving.

Can I have the motorbike for more time than I hired it?
You have a reasonable time for any unexpected delays, max. 20 min. If you want to extend the time, you only have to call or send a email  before. For each hour or fraction of extra time you will be charged € 6, € 7 or € 9 / hrs. depending on the motorbike model hired. Longer than 3 hrs. shall be counted as a full day.

How can I pay for the scooter rental?
The payment of rent is always in advance and you can pay in cash or with credit card, debit card or Paypal. It´s obligatory to leave a deposit which will be returned after the trip.


What are the conditions to cancel a Reservation?

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • If the cancellation is made less than 48 hours, the client has the right for 9 months to make your reservation effective.

  • If the cancellation is not performed with advance notice we will not repay refound.

  • The modifications of Booking will be effective 24 hours before the date requested by email, subject to availability of BEST RENT A SCOOTER .

What type of fuel do I use to refuel?
Don't use Diesel because this will harm the engine and break the motorbike.  The fuel must always be unleaded Gasoline 95/98.

Where can I park the motorbike?
The indicated places to park the motorbike are areas demarcated with white lines and white color triangles on each street crossing. In case you can't find these parking spaces, you can park on the sidewalks more than 3 meters wide, parallel and with a minimum distance of 0.50 meters from the curb.

How many people can travel on a motorbike?
All our models of motorbike are ready for two persons.

Are there any driving restrictions in Barcelona ?
Driving between the vehicles and the bus lane is prohibited, the speed limit (in the city  is maximum 50 km/h) varies depending on area: street, round or freeway.

Where can I pick up the motorbike?
Normally in our store located at Sicilia street, number 322, corner Provença street, but if the client request it's possible to delivery it to a resident address.

Doubts or additional questions?
For any additional questions contact us by email or phone: +34 935320289.


C/ Sicília 322



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