Best Rent a Scooter- Scooter rental in Barcelona.
Best Rent a Scooter- Scooter rental in Barcelona.

Moto rental with option to buy Barcelona

Buy your motorbike with Leasing system from Best Rent a Scooter

BEST RENT A SCOOTER offers you the opportunity to buy your motorbike with the advantages of the Leasing (Renting & Buy system).

We have a range of economical and tailormade solutions to suit your needs, including a quality warranty.
The main advantage of renting a motorbike first, before investing a large sum of money in it´s Purchase, is that If you decide to keep the motorbike you will have enjoyed worryfree motoring, with no concerns about maintenance, breakdowns, or insurance (optional). You only have to refuel and enjoy. 
At the end of the rental contract, the scooter becomes your property, by simply paying the Residual Value, which varies depending on the length of the Contract.
* The Leasing (Renting and Buy system) is valid for 12 months, 24 months,  36 months, 48 months
* Recommended Scooter: 113cc Suzuki Address, similar 125cc scooter 
* Models available on Renting & Buy system: SUZUKI, WOTTAN, SETTER.
* The Leasing system also includes SUZUKI motorcycles.
 If you are interested in one of our motorbikes or a different model of scooter, just simply fill in our Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible, with a quotation. 
All models come with Official Factory guarantee and access to our network of official workshops in Spain and Portugal.
The availability and the prices of the models can vary and are subject to any changes  without prior notice.

* Calculate quota at 24 months and 12.000 kms. Includes maintenance and Third Party Insurance.



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         Scooter Rental in                          Barcelona

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