Best Rent a Scooter- Scooter rental in Barcelona.
Best Rent a Scooter- Scooter rental in Barcelona.

Long term Scooter rental in Barcelona

Your monthly scooter rental with BEST RENT A SCOOTER

Rent your scooter with the system of Renting in BEST RENT A SCOOTER, paying monthly quotas and conserving your independence. Providing a long term scooter rental represents a minimum spending without making a large investment during the hire months.


The Renting is a service specially made for companies and freelancers, it´s a practical tool for everyday use. In exchange you pay a fixed quotas during the contract period without having to worry about maintenance and servicing, this includes replacement of scooter. The minimum period for long term scooter rental is 6 months which can always be extended if the client so wishes.

You need to know that the Renting is a long term scooter rental, which is not included in the option to Buy at the end of the contract period.

What is included in the scooter Renting  ?

  • Maintenance
  • Third party insurance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Scooter of substitution of the same category
  • Helmet



Which models of scooters are included in Renting?

  • Are available SUZUKI ADDRESS model 113cc, scooter 125cc type
  • Are available SUZUKI BURGMAN 125cc, SUZUKI ADDRESS, PEUGEOT TWEET 125cc, PEUGEOT TWEET 50cc, etc (*only Professional Renting)
  • Are available GENERIC XOR scooter model: 50cc moped type.




 Prices Renting scooters


  • SCOOTER XOR 50cc.                  € 3,83 x 30 days    € 115 / month*   VAT no included
  • SCOOTER SUZUKI ADDRESS € 5,46 x 30 days    € 164 / month*   VAT no included


* The payment of the deposit is mandatory. More Info Here!


* The Offers may be changed or ended at anytime without giving notice
* Offer valid except for errors, faults or omisssions
* Offer subject to availability


For any questions or additional querys please contact us using our Contact form or call at phone +34 935 320 289.



C/ Sicília 322



You can call us on the phone

0034 935320289 0034 935320289

Contact us through:

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         Scooter Rental in                             Barcelona

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Schedule - Horario - Orario - Horari  Best Rent a Scooter


Mon - Fri:   09:30 - 14:30

                     16:30 - 18:30

Saturday:    09:30 - 18:00

  Sunday: Closed - Cerrado

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