Best Rent a Scooter- Scooter rental in Barcelona.
Best Rent a Scooter- Scooter rental in Barcelona.

 Welcome to BEST RENT A SCOOTER! The best choice in motorbikes rental in Barcelona!

BEST RENT A SCOOTER put Barcelona at your feet and give yourself the opportunity to escape the monotony of public transport. Drive your scooter with total freedom and visit the Catalan capital's most iconic places whilst enjoying the fresh air of the journey.


BEST RENT A SCOOTER is based in Barcelona, Spain, and offers a broad scooters rental service, Renting scooters and Selling motorcycles at very competitive prices adapted to our customer's needs, this includes a direct home delivery service.

You can rent mopeds, 50cc scooters and 125cc motorbikes, of various models and makes, for a minimum period of one day, but with promotions for each model. Take a look at our prices and, if you like them, make an online booking benefiting from discounts.

The Renting system, made especially for companies and individuals is very adaptable to our customer's needs. The objective of Renting (long term scooter rental) is to rent a scooter for a fixed monthly fee for medium / long term rentals in which the customer only has to worry about refueling. The maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance are covered by BEST RENT A SCOOTER.


If you're thinking of buying a motorcycle in our Sale section you can find all the information above. You can find out about a wide range of scooters and motorcycles for Sale at the most competitive prices. We have a large variety of models on Sale from scooters and 125cc Maxi Scooters until 650cc, 125cc Naked and Custom motorcyles, Cross, Road and Sports motorcycles, until 1800cc Cruiser motorcycles with 2 years warranty - attractive designs in compliance with EEC standards.


Throughout our Catalog you will find all the necessary information, to select the correct  motorcycle you are looking for. You can also choose your payment plan, because we give you the possibility to finance it. In our Contact Form you can ask any questions you might have for peace of mind - it's fast and free!

BEST RENT A SCOOTER offers Renting with Buy option using our Leasing system; a big advantage for people who are interested in buying a motorbike but first want to rent. You renting for a period of time paying monthly installments and at the end of the contract period you have the possibility to acquire in property paying an amount below the actual purchase price (this is considered as part payment of rental fees already paid), or paying only for its renaming.


If you want to opt for a different plan, inform us and we will search for a new alternative, equally as effective and reliable.

Make our Guided Tour crossing Barcelona on a 125cc scooter accompanied by a guide, which enables you to get to know the most iconic places and their historic roots within the Catalan capital. Enjoy our guided tour or, if you prefer, we can create a personalized route to suit your requirements so why not "come fly with us!"


¡¡¡Use the scooter like be your!!!

Discover our scooter rental offers in Barcelona, a cheap and comfortable way to move around our city

Tips for scooter rental in Barcelona -BEST RENT A SCOOTER

To rent a scooter in BEST RENT A SCOOTER it's necessary to have one year (minimum) of previous experience. Helmets are mandatory for both, the driver and the passenger. Always park the scooters in the special authorized places and never in the authorized places for bicycles or cars. Don't leave any objects of value inside. For any doubts or additional questions consult our FAQ.


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